Course Image The Innovation Bootcamp

The Innovation Bootcamp is uniquely organized around a framework for identifying innovation opportunities, generating new and unusual ideas, selecting the best ideas for further refinement, and implementing new solutions that better meet customer expectations.

Course Image Language Arts

In this program, students will read a wide range of age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction materials. Evaluate works of literature through discussion, debate and written critique.

Course Image Mathematics

Mathematics program for sixth-graders will enable them read and write numbers through the trillions in both numerals and words, reinforce the concept of place value, round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, and million.

Course Image History and Geography

History and Geography will take a new dimension for the sixth-graders. Students will get involved in discussions around Middle Ages, The Dark Ages, Feudal Society, England in the Middle Ages, The Rise of Islam, and many more.

Course Image Science

Science for sixth-graders involves hands-on experiments and investigations, as well as informational books, biographies of noted scientists, video and online resources, and relevant field trips.

Course Image Grade Six: Art

Art Program for sixth-graders will include hands-on activities, art theory, art appreciation, and art history.

Course Image Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education program for sixth-graders will involve the participation of drug education program, understanding the nature of sexually transmitted diseases and methods of prevention.