Course Image Language Arts

The Language Arts will expand upon knowledge of classics, read and respond to a varied range of poetic forms, write frequently, producing a variety of works, including reports, essays, short stories, poems, narratives, journal entries, and letters.

Course Image Mathematics

The Mathematics will cover many topics from the number theory, ratio  and percent/fractions and decimals, mathematical operations, and measurements. 

Course Image History and Geography

Topics covered at the History and Geography program are; The Rebirth of Greek and Roman Classicism, European History to the Glorious Revolution, The Age of Exploration, and many other topics.

Course Image Science

The Science program will cover the atomic theory, major types of chemical bonds and reactions, compare and contrast structure and function of typical plant and animal cells, survey the science of evolution and many other topics.

Course Image Grade Seven: Art

Students enrolled at the Art Program will use knowledge of art elements and principles of design to produce a wide range of creative artworks.

Course Image Electronics & Arduino Bootcamp

This is the Electronics and Arduino Bootcamp, where you and your kids will study and implement projects of mechanical nature.