Course Image Language Arts

The Language Arts will include, in addition to reading material, audio and video presentations of literary material and field trips to theaters, plays or poetry readings.

Course Image Mathematics

Students in this grade can devote this time to study pre-algebra with accompanying reinforcement and expansion of previously studied arithemtical and geometical concepts.

Course Image History and Geography

The History and Geography will include the study of The Decline of European Colonialism: The British Empire, The Middle East, End of Cold War.

Course Image Science

Students enrolled in The Science Program will be able to understand the concepts of force and motion, density and buoyancy, work and power, sound and light.

Course Image Grade Eight: Art

Students enrolled in The Art Program will be able to use knowledge of art elements and principles of design to produce a wide range of creative artworks, analyze and critique a variety of artworks by well-known artists and works from a variety of multicultural sources.

Course Image Health and Physical Education

Students enrolled in The Health and Physical Education will participate in a Drug Education Program, Physical Fitness Programs and get enough knowledge on good nutrition and personal hygiene.