Course Image Language Arts

The Language Arts will give students the options to specialize in concentrating on American Literature, British Literature, Women's Literature, World's Literature and other forms of literature.

Course Image Mathematics

Mathematics For Grade 9 includes Algebra-1 curriculum

Course Image History and Geography

Topics covered in The History and Geography are The Development of The Earliest Human Communities, and the Beginning of Agriculture, The History of Ancient Rome, The Byzantine Empire, and many other topics.

Course Image Science

Grade 9 Science Program contains a battery of science-related topics, including, chemistry, geology, biology, physics.

Course Image Grade Nine: Art

The Art Program will include the study of art in conjunction with other academic subjects across the curriculum.

Course Image Health and Physical Education

Students enrolled at The Health and Physical Education will participate in a range of age-appropriate indoor and outdoor athletic activities designed to provide a well-rounded program of physical fitness.