Course Image Language Arts

Students enrolled in The Language Arts will read a wide range of age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction materials, evaluate works of literature through discussion, debate, and written critique.

Course Image Mathematics

The Mathematics of this grade will include intermediate algebra, trigonometry, or a precalculus course that integrate algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and mathematical analysis.

Course Image History and Geography

The History and Geography covers the prehistory to the age of discovery, the colonial period, the civil war, World War I & II.

Course Image Science

The Science Program of this grade focuses on inorganic chemistry.

Course Image Grade Eleven: Art

The comprehensive Art program for this grade includes creative hands-on activities and exploration, art theory, art appreciation, and art history. Students will participate in field trips to artists' studios, art galleries, and museums.

Course Image Health and Physical Education

Students enrolled in The Health and Physical Education will know the common first-aid and safety procedures, the elements of good nutrition and personal hygiene, and participate in a program of drug education.