Grade one students have the opportunity to explore more in-depth topics in language arts, math, science, and study skills, among many other topics.

Course Image Grade One - Language Arts

The hurdle for the average first-grader is developing the ability to decode rapidly and fluently, translating letters into letter sounds, letter sounds into words, and words into sentences.

Course Image Grade One - Mathematics

First-graders will be able to practice math daily and relate their academic experience to the mathematics of daily life.

Course Image Grade One - History and Geography

First-graders will be able to compare and contrast everyday life in different cultures and times, survey ancient Greece and ancient Rome, among other topics.

Course Image Grade One - Science

First-grades science program aimed at helping kids knowing what it means to think like a scientist. They will be able to look at what's happening, suggest explanations, and devise experiments for figuring out whether or not their proposed explanation is true.

Course Image Grade One - Art

Kids will be able to experience a varied approach to art, incorporating art history, art theory, art criticism and evaluation, and hands-on experimentation in a wide range of media.