Course Image Language Arts

In this program, second-graders will expand upon the skills acquired in grade one, honing their decoding abilities, writing abilities, and increasing vocabulary fluency.

Course Image Mathematics

A major advance will be achieved in this program for second-graders through the introduction of multiplication as a fast and fancy way to add.

Course Image History and Geography

Second-graders will be able to survey the history of Asia, the medieval of early Renaissance period, name and locate the seven continents and four major oceans on a world map and globe, among many other topics.

Course Image Science

Science topics covered for second-graders are many, some of them touch introductions to Newtonian physics, forces applied by simple machines, magnetism, and varied life cycles of plants and animals.

Course Image Grade Two: Art

Second-grades will understand the function of color wheel, be familiar with the elements of line, shape, texture, space, light, and shadow, and many other topics.

Course Image Health and Physical Education

Good nutrition, structure of food pyramid, practice of several physical activities are among the topics delivered in the Health and Physical Education program to second-graders.