Course Image Language Arts

Kids in Language Arts will be encouraged to read, moving from picture books to short chapter books and then to increasingly complex works of literature. Furthermore, they will make the transition from manuscript to handwriting to cursive.

Course Image Mathematics

Third-grades' math program witnesses a major landmark, which is the acquisition of the time tables and the introduction of the concept of division.

Course Image History and Geography

Third-graders will study Italian Renaissance, The Reformation, The age of Exploration, major kinds of climate and their geographical locations.

Course Image Science

Third-graders will explore and understand the properties of light, heat, they will understand the concept of balance of nature, human anatomy and physiology, and many other topics.

Course Image Grade Three: Art

Students will continue to experiment with a wide range of art media and techniques to create original artworks.

Course Image Health and Physical Education

By end of this program, kids will be able to run, dodge, and change direction while running; throw and catch both small and large-size balls with reasonable accuracy.