Course Image Language Arts

Fifth-graders are now competent readers, a buzz phrase for such independent readers is "sustained silent reading", which in practice means kids should curl up on a bed, chair, couch, or living room run and read to themselves.

Course Image Mathematics

Mathematics Program for Fifth-grades includes knowing numbers through the billions, write numbers in expanded forms, study the concepts of exponents, probability and statistics, fractions and decimals, among many other math concepts.

Course Image History and Geography

Students in History and Geography will study prehistory to the beginning of civilization, the rise cities and the first civilizations, ancient Egypt, survey the great lakes of the world, and many other topics.

Course Image Science

Kids in the fifth-grade will star approaching science investigations by the way of the scientific method, expand the studies of the atomic structure, survey the elements of the periodic table, and animal classifications. 

Course Image Grade Five: Art

Kids will learn art through varied print resources, including fiction and non fiction books and biographies of well-known artists.

Course Image Health and Physical Education

Students will participate in a range of age-appropriate indoor and outdoor athletic activities designed to provide a well-rounded program of physical fitness.